Upcoming Courses


Need a little pep in your parenting step?

Our courses are:

Simple to accomplish - because they are SHORT and DIRECT making them available and possible for even the busiest folks

Accessible to all personalities and learning types - We don't all learn the same way! Written and video content give our courses the variety needed to appeal to everyone

Reassuring - You can rest easy knowing that these are the most up-to-date and leading edge parenting strategies to be found

Ready to apply and assimilate - Set yourself up for success knowing that our strategies are brain-based and coincide with how brains actually work, which means you're already ahead of the game

For the gentle parent - You don't have to become a tyrant or a bully to guide your child's behavior

Time-saving - You don't have to read all of the studies and books. We've done that for you! Receive the most direct, applicable content instead

Trustworthy - It feels good to know that we have 10+ years of experience working with wonderful families. You can lean into us, and drop your worries

What's Coming Up?


The Gift of Grateful Kids

November 6th - November 10th

Forget Everything Else -5 make-or-Break Parenting Concepts

January 15th - January 19th

Fight Without Fighting - A Couple's Guide to Fighting Well

February 12th - February 15th

When Talking Doesn't Work

March 19th - March 23rd