You are...

a magical person.


Highly successful.

Pretty much the queen of your empire.

And yet, you’re…

up against something in your personal life that even you can’t seem to solve.

There is that crucial piece, close to your heart, that is your personal kryptonite.

It is the one issue that doesn’t go away despite your strongest mojo, your sometimes intense desperation, and your most dynamic moves.

 Maybe it seems like…

if someone, your partner, your child, your parent, or your sibling,

would finally, finally, do that crucial thing, or just be different,

then everything would be better.

Then you wouldn’t have to feel this way.

Then you’d basically have no problems.

If we told you…

we could help with that, would you want to know about it?

If we told you

you could conquer this problem

- without having to force anyone else to do anything -

would you want that?

Because that’s what we’ve been helping our people do

- incredible humans just like you-

for over a decade.

(There’s something you don’t know that changes everything.)

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Nathan M McTague, CPCC, CPDPE

Nathan M McTague is the father of three amazing daughters (currently 16,  13, and 9), who challenge, inspire, and help him grow everyday. He's also a certified professional life coach, parent mentor, and Positive Discipline parent educator, committed to empowering people to reach their highest potentials in self-development, family, and vocation. Nathan is a founder of The Center for Emotional Education, and co-creator of Feeleez. 


Natalie Christensen, CPDPE

Natalie Christensen is a mother, step-mother, writer, artist, coach, and certified Positive Discipline parent educator. Her aim is to support women and children in developing powerful emotional support systems that pave the way for lifelong success and happiness. Her joy is helping people feel good. Natalie is co-founder of The Center for Emotional Education, and co-creator of Feeleez.

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What to Expect

Each session via the Center for Emotional Education is designed to guide you in best practices for establishing your environment for optimal emotional health and long-term success. Sessions are in-depth, engaging conversations in which we look at your particular struggles and needs and apply generous amounts of empathy, insight, research and expertise. Our goal is to support you, to disentangle your current situation, and to provide you with hands-on tools, methods, and information, enabling you to find the best path forward. 

Sessions are easy, warm, and good-feeling.

Want to know more?

The Center offers a complimentary introductory consultation to discuss the particulars of your situation and see if we are a good fit for each other.

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