Everyone Is a Teacher

Did you always imagine raising a child that would reach out to others? One that would perhaps notice another child on the playground that was feeling lonely and befriend her?

That sought-after quality is called EMPATHY and the best way to teach it is to employ it yourself.

This means stopping yourself from trying to explain your child's feelings away (i.e.: "No need to worry honey, we'll get you a new one.") or coerce them into feeling better (i.e.: "Why don't you stop crying so we can talk about it."). Employing empathy means you simply recognize the feeling and allow it to be (i.e.: "You're feeling worried and sad about that huh?").

Each time you do this you make it not only possible but LIKELY that your child will recognize the feelings of others.

It's a win win!

Image credit: Feeleez ABCs