When Talking Doesn't Work

A Five-Day Mini-course

Triumph Over the Most Common Communication Pitfalls

Does it feel like your kids just won't LISTEN? 

Does it feel like the more you talk the worse things get?

Does it feel like your family simply wasn't built for discussion-style parenting?

This quick course is your ticket to:

  • conversations that are both welcomed by your children, and also EASY
  • a feeling of peace and confidence when it's time to tackle tough topics
  • simple and easy to remember techniques that profoundly change the dynamic in your family
  • a sense of closeness and deep connection with even the most difficult family members

Imagine what it could be like... no yelling, no threats, no eye-rolling, instead, REAL conversations, where you cry and laugh and figure out what to do next, TOGETHER.

FORMAT: one email per day with ready-to-grab written and video content PLUS a bonus live Q/A with Natalie and Nathan

DURATION: Five Easy Days

COST: $29

WHEN: January 14 - 18

TARGET AUDIENCE: The content applies to guiding communication with children of all ages.

QUESTIONS? Send them our way! info@feeleez.com