Are you...

Worried your boy will be kicked out of preschool?

Irritated that your girl and her big emotions are running the household?

Concerned that your boy is too attached to succeed?

Nervous about how much your daughter is lying?

Afraid your child will end up alone and miserable?

Determined not to become "just like your mom"?

Scared your teen is getting lost in drugs or porn?

Anxious about the lack of control in your home?


Staying in your lousy marriage for the sake of your children?

Arguing with your partner about parenting, finances, or more?

Making yourself small?

Convinced you married a loser/jerk/beast?

Doubting yourself?

Suspicious that you aren't "normal"?

Ashamed that you aren't happy?

Wondering if your dreams are unrealistic?

Making choices you know aren't right so that you don't "rock the boat"?

We can help.

We believe in neurological empowerment.

Have you ever gotten a glimpse of your best self? Have you noticed those moments when you're feeling unstoppable, on track, inspired, benevolent, and generous? It feels so good, doesn't it?

And then there are those other moments, right? The ones in which our faces scrunch up into scowls, when sharp words fly, and painful thoughts are everywhere... When enough of these moments string together, we feel depressed and disconnected, scared that our lives have gotten off track.

Want to know a secret?

We already have the full capability to be awesome. Isn't that great?! We don't have to buy anything, or say any particular words, or meet any specific people. That "best self" we enjoy so much is available to us if we can just act from the part of our brains that governs that stuff. The moment-to-moment state of our neurochemistry determines how we think, and feel, and act.

Really stirred up by a triggering situation? Odds are that your brain has shifted processing to its lower, more instinctual parts - hello scowly face and sharp words!

Feeling calm and happy? You've climbed the stairs out of the neural basement back into the upper "executive" brain where we become the superhuman version of ourselves - quick thinking, empathetic, creative, and unflappable dynamos.

A happy successful life is made possible the more time we spend in our upper brains. It's that simple. We're already wired for it, we just have to influence which part of the brain is running the show. So how do we direct our brain processing? How do we manage our neurochemistry so that more of our time is spent operating from our upper brains?

That's our mission,




- visionaries and leaders to operate consistently from their upper brains

- conscious parents to facilitate access to executive functionality with their children.

We are all good people. We just need help gaining (and maintaining) access to our best selves. It isn't rocket science. It's brain science.


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Nathan M McTague, CPCC, CPDPE

Nathan M McTague is the father of three amazing daughters (currently 16,  13, and 9), who challenge, inspire, and help him grow everyday. He's also a certified professional life coach, parent mentor, and Positive Discipline parent educator, committed to empowering people to reach their highest potentials in self-development, family, and vocation. Nathan is a founder of The Center for Emotional Education, and co-creator of Feeleez. 


Natalie Christensen, CPDPE

Natalie Christensen is a mother, step-mother, writer, artist, coach, and certified Positive Discipline parent educator. Her aim is to support women and children in developing powerful emotional support systems that pave the way for lifelong success and happiness. Her joy is helping people feel good. Natalie is co-founder of The Center for Emotional Education, and co-creator of Feeleez.

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Each session via the Center for Emotional Education is designed to guide you in best practices for establishing your environment for optimal emotional health and long-term success. Sessions are in-depth, engaging conversations in which we look at your particular struggles and needs and apply generous amounts of empathy, insight, research and expertise. Our goal is to support you, to disentangle your current situation, and to provide you with hands-on tools, methods, and information, enabling you to find the best path forward. 

Sessions are easy, warm, and good-feeling.

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