The Gift of Grateful Kids

A 5 Day Mini-Course


Want your childREN to appreciate what they have?

Want your children to glow with thankfulness for the little things?

Feeling run-over by the large commercial appetites your children seem to be developing?

Want to actually enjoy the gift portion of the holiday season?

You've come to the right place. 

This quick course is your ticket to:

  • interactions that are absent of antagonism and "whining"
  • a feeling of peace and confidence when it's time for your child to give or receive gifts
  • simple and easy to remember techniques that profoundly change the level of gratitude in your family
  • a sense of closeness and deep connection with your children in the context of our consumer culture

Imagine it... REAL thankfulness for the riches in our lives

FORMAT: one email per day with ready-to-grab written and video content PLUS a bonus live Q/A with Natalie and Nathan

DURATION: Five Easy Days

COST: $29

WHEN: Course starts November 26th

TARGET AUDIENCE: Everyone! Parents with kids of all ages

QUESTIONS? Send them our way!