Forget Everything Else

The Top 5 Make-or-Break Parenting Concepts

A Mini-course

forget everything.jpg

For Us Parents -- There is a lot of information out there, right?

Want to rest easy knowing you've got the essentials dialed in?

Want to focus only on strategies that actually work AND feel good??

You've come to the right place. 

This quick course is your ticket to:

  • 5 life-changing, utterly essential parenting concepts

  • a feeling of confidence knowing that you've got the tools you need to avoid dangerous pitfalls

  • simple and easy to remember information that you can apply immediately

  • a sense of closeness and real connection with your children while still maintaining structure in your family life

Imagine it...
Knowing just how to leverage your parenting power. 
And resting assured that you've checked off the essential boxes.


FORMAT: Go-at-your-own-pace.

DURATION: Permanent access to the material.

COST: $29

WHEN: Available Soon

OPTIONAL LIVE ADD-ON: January 13 -January 27. Includes 2 weeks of access to Natalie and Nathan, a community forum, and a live call ($20)

TARGET AUDIENCE: Everyone! Parents with kids of all ages

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