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Fight Without Fighting

A Couples Guide to Fighting Well,  Mini-course

Do you work well together on most things, but then crash and burn when it's time to talk about something important, personal, or emotional?

Is there a big topic that neither one of you wants to broach because it's sure to end in yelling and tears?

Do you find yourselves tip-toeing around sensitive subjects?

Do you wonder why something so simple like vacation plans to visit the family, or what pre-school to choose, feels impossible to talk about without one of you storming out of the room?

Does it ever feel like the more you talk the worse it gets?

This quick course is your ticket to:

  • conversations that are both welcomed by your spouse, and also EASIER
  • a feeling of peace and confidence when it's time to tackle tough topics
  • simple and easy to remember techniques that profoundly change the dynamic in your relationship
  • a sense of closeness and deep connection over even the most difficult subject matters

Imagine what it could be like... no yelling, no threats, no eye-rolling, instead, REALconversations, where you cry and laugh and figure out what to do next, TOGETHER.

FORMAT: one email per day with ready-to-grab written and video content PLUS a bonus live Q/A with Natalie and Nathan

DURATION: Five Easy Days

COST: $29

WHEN: Course starts February 12th

TARGET AUDIENCE: The content applies to guiding communication with spouses, partners, and other close loved ones

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