Center of Emotional Education

Neuroemotional Coach Training


5-month Foundational Training Program

Want to expand your current practice to include coaching?

Want to make sure your clients are neurologically empowered to get the most out of their time with you?

Want to be certain that the effects of your treatments are not undone by the next session?

This training is designed to augment an existing health and wellness practice.



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Center of Emotional Education

 Neurological Empowerment Coach



18-month Comprehensive Training Program

Want to build your own practice?

Want to change lives through brain-based coaching?

Want to help others build emotionally sound relationships?

This training is designed to set you up for your own practice coaching and educating others.

The Neurological Empowerment Program includes:

The Neuroemotional Coach Training

The Emotional Safety Agent Training

The Immersion Coaching Package

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Center of Emotional Education

 Emotional Safety Agent



5-month Training Program

Want to build emotionally safe space for children?

Want to change the educational system for the better by augmenting emotional awareness?

Want to be an advocate for children and help them reach their highest potential?

This training is designed for people already embedded within a school or childcare setting.