Better at Boundaries - A Guide to Setting Healthy Limits… And keeping them!

A Five-phase Mini-Course

Learn, Once And For All, Why Boundaries Are Important, When To Use Them, And How

Do you feel at a loss as to where to draw the line(s) with your Loved Ones?

Does it seem Like your boundaries often get ignored?

Do you find yourself Shouting or acting in ways you don’t like in order to enforce limits you have set?

Do you wonder what your life would be like if you were good at setting and maintaining boundaries?

This quick course is your ticket to:

  • clarity around why it’s ok, and actually beneficial, to have clear boundaries

  • a sense of where you’ve gone wrong in the past / why your boundaries haven’t been respected

  • simple and easy to remember tips for how and when to use boundaries, even in tricky relationships

  • a feeling of confidence when it's time to assert your boundaries

  • prowess around managing boundaries while remaining compassionate

Imagine what it could be like... a clarity and confidence that makes each of your relationships more workable and more ENJOYABLE

FORMAT: Go-at-your-own-pace.

DURATION: Permanent access to the material.

COST: $29

WHEN: Available Now

OPTIONAL LIVE ADD-ON: October 14- October 28. Includes 2 weeks of access to Natalie and Nathan, a community forum, and a live call ($20)

TARGET AUDIENCE: The concepts and strategies in this course are readily applicable to all relationships. Each phase has 2 videos, one with examples for using the strategies with your children, the other for your adult relationships.

QUESTIONS? Send them our way! centerforemotionaleducation@gmail.com