Our Theory

Emotional health is key to the overall health and development of the individual, family, the community at large, and our species in general. We believe that the work we do supporting social and emotional learning, for the benefit of children and peace within the family -- has the power to positively affect the state of the entire planet. Successful emotional processing makes for successful people. That means academically, financially, and socially. It's a win-win for the child and for humankind.



Our Approach


The Center supports parents, families, and children through consultation and coaching. Practitioners work with people all over the globe to enhance the emotional health of children.

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Our library of social and emotional learning tools are designed to aid children in the process of developing emotional vocabulary, awareness, and identification -- unlocking their emotional learning and facilitating the emergence of empathy.



The Center offers both on-site and online courses, workshops, and a comprehensive support system designed to walk our clients through the application of emotional theory as a path to optimizing child and family health and success.

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Our Story

Our kids cried, stomped, raged, threw things, (including themselves, on the floor), refused to get into their car seats, brush their teeth, or go to bed. And many times we didn’t know why and we didn’t know how to help. We wanted to get to the bottom of these powerful emotions, to dig around underneath them, and to unearth their purpose. We wanted happy, healthy, smart, and motivated children, and we wanted easy, peaceful family lives. What we have found, over the last decade of work and study, has profoundly changed our lives, and continues to wildly benefit not only our own families but all of the children, families, and individuals we support. We are parents foremost, but also thinkers, coaches, creators, and writers. Our quest to learn about social and emotional learning, brain science, and the role that emotions play in successful development became a laboratory of sorts, and what has emerged from our journey on this quest is The Center for Emotional Education.


Nathan Mc McTague, CPCC, CPDPE

Nathan M McTague is the father of three amazing daughters (currently 15,  12, and 8), who challenge, inspire, and help him grow everyday. He's also a certified professional life coach, parent mentor, and Positive Discipline parent educator, committed to empowering people to reach their highest potentials in self-development, family, and vocation. McTague is a founder of The Center for Emotional Education, and co-creator of Feeleez. 


Natalie Christensen, CPDPE

Natalie Christensen is a mother, step-mother, writer, artist, parent coach, and certified Positive Discipline parent educator. Her aim is to support mothers, and children in developing powerful emotional support systems that pave the way for lifelong success and happiness. Christensen is a founder of The Center for Emotional Education, and co-creator of Feeleez.


What to Expect

Each session via the Center for Emotional Education is designed to guide you in best practices for establishing your environment for optimal emotional health and long-term success. Sessions are in-depth, engaging conversations in which we look at your particular struggles and needs and apply generous amounts of empathy, insight, research and over a decade of experience. Our goal is to support you, to disentangle your current situation, and to provide you with hands-on tools, methods, and information, enabling you to find the best path forward for yourself and your family. 

Scheduling is flexible to allow for even the busiest schedules.

Sessions are easy, warm, and good-feeling.

Want to know more?
The Center offers a complimentary introductory consultation to discuss the particulars of your situation and how we may best be of service.