Feeleez tools showcase twenty-five illustrations of diverse and expressive emotions. 



Our library of social and emotional learning (SEL) tools are designed to aid children in the process of developing emotional vocabulary, awareness, and identification - not only creating the opportunity for a deeper sense of trust and belonging, but also building the foundation for advanced learning, life-long success and happiness, and the emergence of empathy. Feeleez tools form a bridge between the emotions and motivations of a child and her caretakers, enhancing the environment essential for healthy emotional development.

Feeleez makes SEL easy, accessible, and fun.

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GAME    Our game is beautiful. It includes 25 matching pairs of vibrant cards in a sturdy reusable tin. It can be used simply as a matching game, but children also enjoy engaging their imagination - sorting feelings by type, acting out charades, picking favorites, and more. An insert with additional game ideas included. Printed on recycled cardboard with soy-based ink. Perfect for ages 2 and up.

POSTER     Our poster is perfect for conflict resolution and emotional education, ideal for the home, therapy, or school setting. Includes a suggested vocabulary list included. Printed with soy-based ink. 22 X 28 in. 


CHARTS     Our charts are designed to illustrate the role emotions play in brain development, conflict, and behavior. Each chart includes helpful hints and strategies for effective connection and understanding. 11 X 14 inches each.


Wholesale Prices

Game: $10

Poster: $7.50

Charts: $4



$100 minimum order

Net 60


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