It's A lot to digest...

Feeling overwhelmed by a new awareness of your "old patterns"?

Want to feel part of a community as you investigate your personal growth?

Of course you do! It feels awesome to be part of a community, to have a safe place to dissect and analyze the less flattering parts of ourselves, and to get a sense of what to do next.


This group call is designed to be a monthly touchstone - one hour where we talk about an interesting piece of the complicated puzzle of human emotions and how they affect our daily life.

  • We'll review a key aspect of brain science so that it stays fresh and helpful.
  • We'll look at real-life scenarios and trouble-shoot new ways to handle them.
  • We'll shift perspective on old views just by shedding light and applying our new knowledge.
  • We'll laugh at ourselves.
  • We'll feel better by processing emotions, sharing empathy, and being part of a safe and caring community.

Want to continue supporting each other after the call? You'll be invited to our private and secure Facebook group to keep up the connection.