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So pleased to make your acquaintance! 

here's what I do:

You know how we often have excellent intentions of being and doing our best, but wind up feeling blocked or unsuccessful, because something inside us just "won't get out of the way"? Like when we have a relationship we want to improve, or a habit we want to change, or a dream we want to make real... But we just can't seem to actually do it?

Well, I help powerful, tender, and sophisticated people --  visionaries and leaders and parents --
get out of their own way, and into their Own Way. 
Together, we get serious about what they're after, honest about why they want it,
and active about getting it.

And when you team up with me, you not only get a fierce and empathetic ally -- whose job it is to see the best in you, the brightest in you, the truth in you --
you also get to become who you have always known yourself to be,
to do what you have always felt you were here to do,
and to live as you have always wanted to live.

Your Highest, most Beautiful, most Powerful Self
is already PRESENT within you.
Now, we just have to
let YOU out!


Here's Who I am:

 Papa first. My three daughters (currently 16, 13, and 9) have been among my greatest teachers and inspirations. I absolutely would not be here, nor anywhere that I am today without those three incredible gurus. Natalie and I have designed our lives to suit our parenting interests, and have spent the last 16+ years learning to become the best parents that we can be.

Catalyst foremost. I’m a Certified Life Coach and Positive Discipline Parent Educator. A Shamanic Practitioner. An Emotional Body Integrator. A Creator of orthographic, visual, audio, and performance art. I’ve been in practice for the last nine years, but I’ve been learning about and becoming a catalyst my whole life — it’s an integral part of what I’m here to do. And when I discovered the field of coaching, I knew I’d found the edifice for my mission.

I'm passionate about the work I do. There's almost nothing that feels better to me than spending time with my people, allying with them, supporting them, helping them bravely explore the important issues of their lives, and encouraging them in moving toward what means most to them. I look forward to my upcoming sessions. I'm completely alive when we're "up to our necks in it". And by the time we wrap up, I'm "high" on service. I can't wait to meet new clients, to get started working with them, and to begin watching the magic happen in their lives.

And that's what I do -- I make room for the magic.
I'm the catalyst for your best possible growth and development.
I'm your transformation technician:
highly trained and exceptionally skilled in helping you unlock your brilliance.
I'm your empowerment specialist:
offering an unshakeable alliance to all of you who seek to unleash your highest potential and become your Most Unstoppable Self.

If you're a visionary or leader looking to bring your mission to fruition --
meet your next best asset.
If you're a parent looking for support and guidance as you find your way to familial bliss --
talk to the Papa! 



What to Expect

Each session via the Center for Emotional Education is designed to guide you in best practices for establishing your environment for optimal emotional health and long-term success. Sessions are in-depth, engaging conversations in which we look at your particular struggles and needs and apply generous amounts of empathy, insight, research and over a decade of experience. Our goal is to support you, to disentangle your current situation, and to provide you with hands-on tools, methods, and information, enabling you to find the best path forward for yourself or your family. 

Scheduling is flexible to allow for even the busiest schedules.

Sessions are easy, warm, and good-feeling.

Want to know more?
The Center offers a complimentary discovery session to discuss the particulars of your situation and how we may best be of service. Click on the button above to schedule yours now!

Our Girls

Out of respect for their privacy, we won't say more about them, here, but we wanted you to at least see them! :)

Out of respect for their privacy, we won't say more about them, here, but we wanted you to at least see them! :)


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