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Being a good mom/person/spouse isn’t about parroting someone else’s beliefs, it isn’t about reading a book and memorizing the correct thing to say or do. Succeeding at self-care, succeeding at parenting, succeeding at all of our relationships, happens in little micro-moments throughout the day, little triumphs of connection.

My sessions will help you strip down and untangle your knotted situation. We’ll look at “what is” and find a way to get to a different perspective, to an optimistic, clearer, better view. We will talk about the big stuff and the little – from parenting struggles, like bedtime and after school meltdowns to personal fears and hopes.

Who am I?

I am a writer, artist, coach and mother living in both Missoula, Montana and Santa Cruz, California. I start my day with fruit, I have to exercise or I'll go crazy, and I love animals (we have a dog, five chicken, two cats, a guinea pig, and two rats!). Most days involve working with incredible clients, analyzing brains with my partner Nathan, laughing/snuggling/talking with our girls, and always a neighborhood dog walk (or two).

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What to Expect

Each session via the Center for Emotional Education is designed to guide you in best practices for establishing your environment for optimal emotional health and long-term success. Sessions are in-depth, engaging conversations in which we look at your particular struggles and needs and apply generous amounts of empathy, insight, research and over a decade of experience. Our goal is to support you, to disentangle your current situation, and to provide you with hands-on tools, methods, and information, enabling you to find the best path forward for yourself or your family. 

Scheduling is flexible to allow for even the busiest calendars.

Sessions are easy, warm, and good-feeling.

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The Center offers a complimentary discovery session to discuss the particulars of your situation and how we may best be of service. Click on the button above to schedule yours now!

Our Girls

Out of respect for their privacy, we won't say more about them, here, but we wanted you to at least see them! :)

Out of respect for their privacy, we won't say more about them, here, but we wanted you to at least see them! :)


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