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You've been amazing, diving headfirst into this parenting world and giving it your full heart and mind! That's not easy. As we all know, parenting is an arena absolutely rife with pitfalls and it's devastating each time we stumble. But here you are, always getting yourself back onto the proverbial horse.

How incredible you are.

Sometimes it might feel like you are the only one struggling, like your kids are just extra complicated and no one else is facing the same problems. But we know different. Because we work with you individually we are well aware that there are major themes in parenting, and that people often wrestle with the same stuff. In other words?

You are not alone!

We want you to feel that. To experience first-hand that there are others just like you. So we're happy to announce a new offer: Monthly Group Calls! Each month we'll gather, compare notes, hear each others stories, and remind ourselves of effective and connective strategies. You can tune in any month that it suits you or you can sign yourself up for a whole year of monthly support -  showing up every month for companionship and support.

This month we are looking at EXPLOSIVE EMOTIONS - what it looks and feels like when kids lose it emotionally, and of course, what to do in response and how to avoid those episodes in the future.

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