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Press further, go deeper, make permanent change in your personal and family life. Take all the advantages found in one-one coaching and take it to the next level. This is a year-long comprehensive approach designed to completely and radically shift your personal and family experience for good. Think your situation can't change? Think again.

$8,997 for 12-month membership

Next group begins March 2018

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  • Welcome package including: Feeleez Matching Game, Feeleez Poster, Feeleez Curriculum, Feeleez ABCs, charts, and more
  • Workbook
  • Enrollment in all Feeleez workshops, courses, and webinars held throughout the year (spouse included) 
  • Bonus content on pressing key topics (videos, essays, Q/A and more)
  • Three, one-to-one, coaching calls per month 
  • Yearly weekend retreat - 2 days on location in Santa Cruz, CA

Space is extremely limited for this exclusive group. This sequence combines the very best of what we have to offer. We know with absolute certainty that we can get you where you long to be -- re-connected with your spouse, calm and grounded in your parenting choices, with healthy, happy, successful children, and most importantly, in love with who you have worked so hard to become -- and the Deluxe Relationship Refresh is the answer. In order to secure your space register as soon as possible, because you deserve this royal transformative treatment.

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