Our per hour rate is $200. The following packages offer a deep discount.



3 call bundle

This starter package is designed to identify the gap between where you are now, and where you'd like to be, and get you started in bridging that divide. Three tender phone calls move your thinking, your perspective, and your actions in the direction of your ideal life. You want a good-feeling family, meaningful connection with loved ones, and emotional stability? We'll get you there.


Bundle includes: Three, one-hour coaching calls 

A la carte value: $600 You save: $100



12 call bundle

This coaching package is designed to not only identify the gap between where you are, where you'd rather be, and get you headed down the right path, but to offer expansiveness of time in the sacred coaching space to allow for deep learning around essential life-changing concepts, as well as the necessary support to hardwire and apply those concepts in the real world. You want to make a big shift, change something that has always felt impossible? This is a great package for you.


Bundle includes: Twelve, one-hour coaching calls

A la carte value: $2400 You save: $550



8-12 month comprehensive program


This is an all-inclusive program designed to:

  • identify your goals, the distance that separates you from them, and the path to attain them

  • teach you incredible, mind-boggling concepts that drastically change the course of one's life and all the relationships within it

  • support you as you learn to apply these concepts - including refreshing the learning, dissecting and navigating newly unearthed layers, and troubleshooting tricky situations

 Your life will be different.

You will feel optimistic and sure.

Excited and clear.

You will shake off old ways and find new ones.

You will feel supported and energized.



This thorough immersion also includes:

  • deep emotional body work to dig out core wounds and all the trauma and emotion associated with them

  • powerful shamanic sessions to give healing and empowerment

  • magical items: a workbook, hand-made figurine specific to you, and a hand-drawn personalized life-map painting to hang on your wall


Package includes:

Personalized and individual VIP day with your practitioner - 4 hrs via skype ($800 value)

22 one-hour coaching calls ($4400 value)

Emotional Body Integration Session - 2 hrs ($400 value)

Spirit Animal Retrieval Session - 1 hr ($125 value)

Hand-made Personal Spirit Animal Figurine - ($250 value)

Life-Map Design Session - 1 hr ($200 value)

Hand-drawn or painted Life-Map artwork - ($450 value)

Access to ALL online courses we offer during the course of your program - ($500 value)

Workbook specifically designed for your journey - ($100 value)


Total package value: $7,225 You save: $2,225