Building Emotionally Safe Space Workshop

This workshop looks at the latest brain science to understand how emotional processing affects children. We dive into the “ins and outs” of empathy and how to use it effectively to help children manage emotional upheaval and move into their “upper brain” where faculties like reason, logic, critical thinking, self-awareness, cooperation, and eventually empathy itself become accessible. We also share strategies for creating a home or class environment that fosters children’s complete comfort in sharing and moving through feelings. Everything we want for our children, students, and families hinges on healthy emotional processing and the development of optimal neuro-emotional habits. This course will get you there!


  • easy comprehensible steps
  • thorough, take-home outline and resources
  • 3 comprehensive charts for quick and easy reference
  • a feelings and needs list
  • research that supports the information
  • helpful, clear graphics
  • real-life scenarios
  • plenty of question and answer time


  • “tantrums”
  • manners
  • sibling quarrels
  • unwanted “behaviors”

To schedule your own workshop, on-site or via webinar, please contact The Center.