Bedtime isn't easy!

We all know that when it comes time to brush teeth, read stories, and fall asleep things can get off-track pretty quickly. Suddenly the kids become droopy noodles, unable to move their limbs at all, or they become instantly engrossed in a "very important task" - like arranging stuffed animals, or rebuilding a lego construction "really quick". Once we finally get them moving they likely crash into each other causing an instant brawl or argue about who gets the toothpaste first like it's a life or death matter. As the parent, tired at the end of the day, we feel our blood beginning to boil, our desperation for the finish line starting to mount, soon our eyes are bugging out and we're screaming like a wild animal: "JUST DO WHAT YOU"RE SUPPOSED TO DO AND GET IN BED!!!!!!!!"

We've been there.

We too have been the screaming crazy people - upholding rules and regulations in ways that not only didn't work, but felt HORRIBLE. There was a time when we figured that's just what parenting was like, ugliness was part of the deal, it wasn't meant to feel good or be fun. So we plodded along, suffering. It wasn't until a particularly awful night that ended with every single family member in tears that we met our breaking point. 

We couldn't go on. We had to find a better way.

We studied, we practiced, we got training. Then we studied more, we practiced more, we got more training... We reclaimed the idea that we could be good parents AND like ourselves, that we could be gentle and kind AND have kids that were well-behaved.

We discovered it's possible.

Now we have ten years of experience working with hundreds of parents and training them to be the people they want to be, even when horrific parenting situations arise. Now we have a system that works AND feels good.

Ready to catch a glimpse? 



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To grab your spot in the next Monthly Gathering, click HERE. xo

Video Three!

Our next course is called the Gift of Grateful Kids!