Our library of social and emotional learning (SEL) tools are designed to aid children in the process of developing emotional vocabulary, awareness, and identification - not only creating the opportunity for a deeper sense of trust and belonging, but also building the foundation for advanced learning, life-long success and happiness, and the emergence of empathy. Feeleez tools form a bridge between the emotions and motivations of a child and her caretakers, enhancing the environment essential for healthy emotional development.

Feeleez makes SEL easy, accessible, and fun. 

Emotions serve as the pathway to connection. They are part of human design so that, as social beings, we can relate and collaborate with others. Offering empathy and understanding as children express their emotions is the most effective way to help them establish/maintain powerful trust and connection, as well as a personal sense of significance and belonging - elements absolutely essential to a successful life

Feeleez tools make communicating emotions easy - as simple as pointing a finger. 

Children need help processing their emotions in order to feel better. When we meet their emotional expressions with empathy and tenderness,  and connection is established, then brain chemistry shifts to allow a calmer, more positive frame of mind. In the moment, this means that children that can share their feelings feel better - about themselves, their caregivers, and life in general - and also do better because of their improved neuro-emotional state. In the long-run, routinely sharing feelings in a healthy way sets children up for continued elevated contentment and a deep sense of well-being on into adulthood.

Feeleez makes happiness a regular part of life.

All higher brain faculties crucial to an effective education - such as logic, problem-solving, creativity, concentration, and compassion, reside in the upper regions of our brains. These faculties only become available to children, and adults alike, when the limbic system is calm. In other words, children can only learn when they feel emotionally at ease. Thus, the healthy expression of emotion, and use of emotional awareness are essential to success in the classroom.

Feeleez tools can be used individually as conflicts arise, or as a group for regular emotional maintenance, creating a classroom/home environment that ensures academic and developmental success.

Although empathizing is an innate faculty of the brain's mirror-neuron system, the individual capacity for empathizing, and the intentional application of empathy, are best cultivated through unlocking, encouraging, and supporting its emergence, rather than merely expecting it to develop on its own.  This invaluable ability unfolds naturally when children themselves experience empathy. In fact, it can only develop within safe emotional space, when room has been made for all feelings present.

The Feeleez game and poster provide children with a visible dictionary of sorts when words are not readily available to them; materials that they can utilize to express themselves, and receive empathy. This process allows them to spread their empathetic wings and to extend the same generosity of understanding to those around them.

"The other night we were getting Caden ready for bed and looking through the empathy cards. Not really saying anything, just showing them to Caden and seeing his reaction. First one was the smiling happy laughing face and Caden joined in and got silly. We then showed him the one of the person standing off to the side that seemed sad and lonely. Caden looked at it and held it and looked at us and then pulled it close like a hug and gave it a kiss, rubbed it and held onto it until he went to sleep. I cried it was so sweet." - Dave